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How it is…

A New Breed of Humans


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Media coverage of Corbyn deliberately biased, public believes

Not really a great surprise is it? It’s called The Establishment for a reason.


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Oh the irony…

The hate preacher Tony Perkins, who tells his fellow fanatics that God sends natural disasters to punish gay people, has had his house destroyed by a flood!

Anything you want to tell us Tony?


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A Place in Heaven for Jessie

We said goodbye to our eldest dog Jessie today. She had her troubles with diabetes and arthritis but that smile never left her face. 

She suffered a stroke this morning, although we rushed her to the vets hospital up in Derby there was not much they could do. 

I held her as she went to sleep and a smile settled on her face as she found peace.

Alf has been quieter than usual and I found Bones sitting alone in the kitchen looking miserable. The house seems empty.

Just thought I’d let you know.

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Who the Duke of Westminster cares about … in descending order

Who the Duke of Westminster cares about … in descending order


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We need another Earth, we’ve almost finished this one!


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Trump with the trigger?


If our cousins across the pond elect the Donald the first thing I’ll do is buy a pick and shovel and start digging a bunker in my garden. I’d advise you all to consider doing the same.

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World leaders perpetuate failed anti-terror policies

After decades of failed military action we still don’t know what drives citizens to terror.


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Nuclear weapons have almost been launched 13 times. It must stop


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Six richest nations ‘host just 9 percent of refugees’

Aid agency says “shameful” that richest countries are turning their backs on the most vulnerable people in the world.


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