Danny Breslin

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Grow your innerself


I,m a believer, fighter for Peace, I’m a fighter for Love, I’m a fighter for Respect, I’m a fighter for Unity.

Our world has some sick moments. How come? We do this!, to ourselves and to the world. We let us get infected  with negativity with some of the choices we make. These choices are all around us, tv, radio, social media, they can all infect our daily lifes with negative impulse. Negativity can be  like a virus spreading in our body’s, in our minds and with that we can become negative persons, depressed people.

For example, when one person is shooting around in a shopping centre and killed many innocent people, the tv will spread this news. Not only one time, no, they let us see this sad news for days! What’s happening with us when we see all these negativity? We get angry…

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