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I’m reblogging this from my dog Bones’ site because the story is about me so I don’t see why he should get credit for it. If you haven’t read this before on Bonesdiary then I hope you enjoy it.


I heard a funny story which I wanted to share with you. It concerns my dad from a time before I was born, even before Jess was born, when he and mom were buying their first home together.
They had been living in a rented place in Birmingham but apparently although the flat itself was nice and it was by a small boating lake so the view was great, it was in the middle of a rather rough neighbourhood. Following a few shootings and stabbings in the streets around them, dad said “c’mon, time we moved.”
They went to Tamworth which was where my dad was brought up and bought a nice little flat together. Mom decided she didn’t like the existing decor so she decided to paint it magnolia. The previous owners said they would leave their sofa behind so she had somewhere to sit while decorating; very kind…

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  1. LOL!!! Simple solutions eh? hehehe

    Comment by colliesofthemeadow | April 27, 2013 | Reply

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