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How it is…


I’ve been nominated for awards:

The Liebster Award x2 from Mirrors and Dreams and Unfold life through my eyes and the WordPress Family Award from Viva Para Contar. Thank you ladies. Go check out their blogs cos they’re a great read…but finish reading mine first!

liebster wordpress-family-award12

Now there are rules attached, as you know, that are supposed to be followed but, as you also know, I don’t follow rules. Yes I have pinged back to the bloggers who gave me the awards, yes I have displayed the awards and yes I’ll even answer the questions that have been set. I won’t on the other hand nominate 10 other bloggers to receive this award and that’s not because I’m a lazy git, well not just because I’m a lazy git (although that is a factor). The truth is I’ve received awards before and nominated others for them, then people read the post who haven’t been nominated so they’re left feeling unappreciated. There are more than 10 people who deserve this award because they are talented and creative and just all around top bloggers. You know who I’m talking about – YOU! Plus, three of the people I would give the awards to are the three who gave them to me in the first place!

No, forget it, this time none of you get left out. Therefore I award these award thingies to every single one of you who has made me laugh, cry, cry with laughter or feel slightly uncomfortable. Corny I know but I luv ya!

Now, questions:

Who is your role model? I don’t do role models since I discovered the flaws in my last one.

What is your favorite food/cuisine? Bangers and mash: simple bloke, simple tastes. By the way, there’s a ‘u’ in favourite – we’re not American!

Which is your favorite book? What are you reading at the moment? Favourite book? Hmm, not easy but I suppose in fiction Intensity by Dean koontz and in non-fiction Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown which had the most profound affect on me growing up. At the moment I’m reading a superb  book called 1000 Years of Annoying the French by Stephen Clarke – brilliant!

Are you a pet lover? Name a pet you have or would like to have. 🙂 I’d like to have less pets not more! I’ve got three dogs called Jessie, Alfie and Bones; and two cats called Millie and Raffles. So am I a pet lover? Very occasionally, in fact very rarely.

Do you like writing on paper or prefer a laptop/tablet/phone/PC? Laptop.

Which is your favorite TV show, and why do you like it? The four Blackadder series. Brilliantly written and very funny.

If given a chance, what would you like to change around you? The carpet needs replacing and I’m going off these curtains.

What would be an ideal gift for you? You could get me a new phone if you’re offering.

Where in the world would you like to live? I love Canada but it’s just way too cold in the winter.

What do you feel is your greatest strength? I don’t know, maybe making people happy? That’s not an easy question to answer.

What is your biggest passion? Football and boxing.

What is that one school incident you can never forget? Two of my mates battered a pantomime horse, funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Which is your all time favourite movie? Oh erm…can I have more than one? Twelve Angry Men and On The Waterfront. Two black and white classics that were made a long time before I was born but I’ve always loved them. Made in an age when acting was more important than explosions and special effects.

If given a chance, which electrical appliance you would turn into? What? This is the weirdest question I think I’ve ever been asked! What is going on in your head woman? I’ll give it a go though: perhaps a coffeemaker – I can’t stand coffee, why should I suffer alone?

What is your favourite cuisine/food? See above

What is that one thing which helps you to stand out in the crowd? Unless I’m watching football I try to avoid crowds these days so I guess you’d spot me, I’d be the one standing off to one side.

What is the last thing you would want to do on Earth? Say something cool.

What is the best gift you have got till date? I got a second chance at life, every day is a gift.

Who do you admire the most? I don’t really admire anyone. I don’t do admiration, I appreciate…

Do you believe in destiny? Nah. Shit happens, how can it be pre-determined?


Now it’s my turn, except I have only one question and seeing as you are reading this, you are nominated for the above awards and so have no choice but to answer. So here goes:

What ‘celebrity’ would you like to punch in the face and why?


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  1. Adrian Chiles gets my vote and judging by his puffy face, I wouldn’t be the first! From the first time I saw him as the smug, self obsessed presenter on the one show through to his current role as the (pudgy) face of England’s World Cup campaign, he has proved himself worthy of my “punch in the face” more than any other celebrity!

    Comment by Paul Roskilly | October 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Who’d notice if that face was damaged?

      Comment by Danny Breslin | October 21, 2013 | Reply

  2. That’s a really difficult question to answer. On a good day, I would like to hug the world. On my normal days, I’m a lot more crochety. If I could get away with it, I would like to punch Jamie Oliver in the face. His cheeky chappie ads absolutely make me sick and I hate how he seems to be always telling people what’s good for them. He is probably really a very nice person but I find him intensely irritating.

    Comment by Christopher Meade | October 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Yep, a well deserved punch for the chef.

      Comment by Danny Breslin | October 21, 2013 | Reply

  3. Why Danny, you are a popular bloke! Maybe, I’ll nominate you too – soon.
    And may I ask why you chose not to be a toaster?? In my head, that suits you better (scrumptious toasty favourites pop up all the time… please note the ‘u’)

    Your last question: If I were you, I might have followed thru on that ideal gift question, and needing a new phone…. just an idea!

    So, congratulations are in order. You followed all the rules of the awards, and made all your readers happy. Now, if that ain’t the perfect gentleman!

    Have a super week ahead – despite the curtains and carpet.

    Comment by mj | October 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Gentleman yes, but toaster…? It was a question that took me by surprise. Congratulate her for me would you?

      Comment by Danny Breslin | October 21, 2013 | Reply

      • Yup, the question was the weirdest ever, I agree! Why toaster? So, why coffee-maker? Coffee-maker seems like a bitter fella to me. The toaster is a great guy turning out the crunchy bites that prep you for a great day… it was my, weird, compliment to you! Your posts always put the sun in a day… 🙂

        Comment by mj | October 22, 2013

  4. Congratulations! Wow, very impressive.

    Comment by richardmax22 | October 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks Richard, and your nomination for a punch in the face would be…?

      Comment by Danny Breslin | October 22, 2013 | Reply

  5. Hooray for aeards and since you have popped in on mine and that means you have just given me an award. I am truly garateful but I’ll spare you the accepting speech. Best ,Gerry

    Comment by murphyji | October 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Cheers mate, but who you going to punch?

      Comment by Danny Breslin | October 21, 2013 | Reply

      • What? Did I mention punching. I note that since I wrote in haste, pint time at the local, I misspelt several key words. For this I apologise but no mention of ‘punch’, I am a peaceful, non combatant,though will admit to having watched a puppet show, Punch and Judy where violence is de rigueur. No not up for punching might damage the knuckles then how do I write the blog or respond to punch proposals. Punchious Pilate

        Comment by murphyji | October 22, 2013

  6. Any member of the Royal Family for whom I am expected to call ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ or ‘Your Highness’ if in their ‘exalted’ company. In fact I want to punch ANYONE who thinks they are superior. I’m a bit psycho when the ‘Royals’ are mentioned. It’s time British people got some self-esteem and chucked them out on their ears.

    Comment by Yaz | October 21, 2013 | Reply

  7. It was fun reading your answers Danny 😛 The electrical appliance question has got a lot of humor attached to it. One of my friends asked the same question while we were sitting in the college canteen and you can’t really imagine what hilarious answers came out 😀
    Thank you 🙂

    Comment by tanvimahajan362 | October 21, 2013 | Reply

  8. Well look at you. Congrats!!!! That reminds me that I am way behind on accepting a few awards I was given a while back… Haha. Oh well! I’m behind on everything right now.

    Comment by Jessica | October 22, 2013 | Reply

    • You need an admin assistant to take the strain…don’t worry, I’m not applying for the job, I’ve got enough on my plate too. So Jessica, if you threw a punch on whose deserving face would it land?

      Comment by Danny Breslin | October 22, 2013 | Reply

  9. Hahaha, your posts are always fun to read! Loved your answers 😀
    As for the celebrity I’d like to punch, I think it’d be Jackie Chan! He’s one of my favourites* and probably one who can take a punch laughingly 😉

    Comment by mirrorsndreams | October 22, 2013 | Reply

  10. Haha, I was just laughing at the electrical appliance question (and answer) again. 🙂 I think I would rather slap than punch (anyway, apparently I don’t know how to punch, when I play at punching I always put my thumb in without realising, which you’re not supposed to do) anyway, so perhaps I would slap… Justin Bieber. He does annoy me so.

    Comment by gina4star | October 23, 2013 | Reply

    • You mean you close your fist around your thumb? Ouch! You’ll break it! My dad was a boxing coach, he’d turn in his grave if he knew. Look, how about I punch bieber for you?

      Comment by Danny Breslin | October 23, 2013 | Reply

      • Yes exactly, I close it around my thumb. But if I try to leave it out, it’s just in the way… Yes, go on then, best you do it for me, and we’ll save my thumbs and other upsets! 🙂

        Comment by gina4star | October 23, 2013

  11. LOL… love your answers! CONGRATS on the awards! Which celebrity would I punch in the face? Every politician in America…. reason? I need a reason? hehehe

    Comment by colliesofthemeadow | October 24, 2013 | Reply

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