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Scottish Independence Illegal

Alex Salmond - wanted for crimes against...erm...

Alex Salmond – wanted for crimes against…erm…

It appears that there is no point in our proud neighbours the Scots going to the polls on 18th September to vote in the referendum on their independence. They will not be allowed to break away from the union as it will be declared illegal and ignored, but only if they vote the wrong way. It is possible that Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, will become an international pariah and may have to face criminal charges, along with Scotland which will be battered by economic sanctions.

Now that self-determination and democracy has been declared officially illegal in the Crimea what hope is there for Scotland?

Of course none of this mayhem would have occurred if the Ukrainian government – the democratically elected Ukrainian government – hadn’t decided against taking up the generous offer of economic slavery and crushing debt kindly offered by the EU. Aligning itself with Russia, not everyone’s idea of the perfect dance partner, served their economy better; a loan just big enough but not too big and 30% off gas prices. What I wouldn’t give for cheaper gas

Well Ukraine, you ungrateful fellows, you’ve done it now. You DO NOT say no to the west and get away with it. You WILL be asset stripped and what’s more you will smile and thank us for doing it! The US set aside funds for the destabilisation of the democratically elected government in Kiev and we all know the result.

“The neoconservative Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told the National Press Club in Washington on December 13, 2013, that the US has “invested” $5 billion in agitation in Ukraine.”


Now the ethnic Russian majority in the Crimea, who were perfectly happy with the former democratically elected government doesn’t want to be part of this new western enslaved Ukraine glove puppet and so have held a referendum on whether they want to stick around or go back to being Russians again. 97% said no to the west; that is quite a sizeable majority, quite a bit larger than David Cameron’s conservatives who couldn’t even get a majority so had to seduce the gimp Clegg and his Liberal Democrats in order to form a government.

The Russians have recognised Crimea, they ought to, they were acquainted for years – “Oh hello again, Crimea isn’t it?” Western politicians and media have demonised it as a land grab. Nowhere has Iraq been mentioned, a criminal corporate takeover; nobody has mentioned the list of countries a certain western power is bombing as I write this, killing women and children in the name of freedom and democracy.

When our beloved leaders spout on about the rights of everyone to self determination, when they bandy about terms like freedom and democracy…how do they say it and keep a straight face?


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