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How it is…

Torture? Really?


You can’t be shocked at the Senate report into the enhanced interrogation techniques, everyone knew it was going on at the time. Details were available online and even on mainstream news channels whose content is continuously vetted to protect us from the truth. I would bet it is still going on in far away corners of the world and will continue to go on. What shocks me is that anyone is pretending to be shocked.

Democratic Party Senator Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee led the probe into the CIA. I would suggest that she check under her car before setting out in the morning from now on.

So now the question is who knew what? No, I’m getting bored with my own post now. EVERYONE KNEW! (Well perhaps with the exception of George W. who couldn’t be dragged away from his new scalextric track that Condy and Rumy had helped him set up in the oval office.) They knew and they sanctioned it.

Cheney, one of the most evil individuals I have ever laid eyes on, told a Fox News “journalist” kneeling before him that the report was full of crap.Alas we’ll never know what the “journalist” replied because his mouth was full at the time. (There’s an image that will haunt you!)

The report also points out that no actionable intelligence was obtained. Torture is not an effective way to extract information, it never has been. The torture victim will tell you anything to make the pain stop.

This whole “war on terror” thing, it’s the world’s most unfunny joke. You fund, arm and train your enemy before bombing him? What?

It’s not a war on terror, it is a money-making scam for the military/industrial complex: keep knocking it down then building it back up to be knocked down again. It’s about power, it’s about geo-politics, it’s a war on anyone who stands up against them.

You want to know how to keep the freedom loving west safe? Do you want to know how to defeat terrorism? It’s pretty simple: stop riding roughshod over the rest of the world. Stop supporting nasty dictatorships around the world. Stop drone strikes that kill innocents and lay waste to villages. Make global trade a fair proposition for everyone. Stop being greedy bastards and share the enormous wealth so entire countries can lift themselves out of dire poverty. Dismantle the leech-like global loan sharks the World Bank and IMF. Basically,stop being a bully, play nice with everyone and there just might be a chance for this planet to be a decent place to live for all of us.


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  1. Hmmm… none of this is new, yet it continues to shock (and awe?!)

    Comment by mj | December 13, 2014 | Reply

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