Danny Breslin

How it is…

The Only One I’ll Ever Love

We lost again last night. AGAIN!!!!!

It hurts to see my beloved Aston Villa, the lions of the Midlands, tamely roll over and have their bellies tickled once again. Lions? Pah,.. kittens!

I’m not going to go over the same ground as the footy bloggers. Except to say our manager is so far out of his depth he might as well be swimming in the Mariana Trench. Our players are not interested in playing for him. Our CEO is spouting cobblers about a long term strategy and our owner has stopped giving a toss. The same day the £5.1 BILLION TV deal is announced we underline our intentions to be competing (if the idea of us competing is not too far-fetched) in the lower leagues from next season on.

The point of this post is this: as football fans we love our team more than our significant other. We must do, it’s undeniable. If I was treated with the same contempt by my missus my bags would be packed and I’d be last seen disappearing over the horizon. I am in a dead-end relationship with my football club and the pain is set to continue because whatever happens, whatever suffering and humiliation they subject me to, I will always stick by my club. The idea of changing allegiance is not one that any fan worth his salt would entertain. I’d rather stick a shooter in my mouth and end it now.

Oh there have been good times: memories I will  treasure of being Champions of England, all-conquering Champions of Europe, two league cups…tears of joy running freely down my once rosy cheeks; tears now dried up on my drawn and tired face.

Please, do feel free to hit the comments button and mock me, you won’t cause me to feel any more miserable than I do already.

I’ve always sung “Villa til I die” and, in spite of it all, I always will. UTV


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  1. Ya know Danny, I never mock anyone or their team when they have a rough time. Every team has this and its hard to put up with. Its times like these that make the big seasons even more special! The only teams I ever gave up on were being stupid and were doing things they knew they shouldn’t do. They thought we would blindly follow them into the abyss.. well good riddance to them. Bad managers come and they go, but if the club it truly trying to build something ir rebuilding I stick with them.. its the ones who win, then throw it all away to save money and just think the fans will show up anyways that try my patience.. (need we mention the evil Empire here?)… Villa will be back! Hang in there my friend! I know I thought the Reds were going to have a season full of this also…. its no fun…..hopefully it will turn around soon.

    Comment by colliesofthemeadow | February 11, 2015 | Reply

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