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About Discrimination

I am, and have been for many years, part of a community that has been much maligned and discriminated against. A community without a voice, with no way of answering critics because the government, the police and the mainstream press have demonised us to the point we are universally hated.

I am a football fan.

I know what you’re thinking: Breslin is just being stupid. A hetro white British male claiming to be discriminated against? He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! And yet…

I have been spat on. Assaulted. I have had various objects thrown at me including coins, bottles and even an apple. I have received a face full of CS gas. That was from fans of various different teams. I have been punched in the face, kicked, pushed around, sworn at, threatened, jostled, filmed, followed, been put in stress positions, had my wrists bent so bad that I was in pain for weeks and caged by thugs in uniform who give the police a bad name. This was not because I was breaking any laws or indulging in any form of hooligan activity; this was because I was following my team.

football fans

I am called scum in the media. I have laws passed especially to “crack down” on me.

Things have improved over the past few years, I must admit, and that might be down to the fact that the CCTV meant to be watching us is also watching them. In the media being a football fan is becoming respectable, with my team being supported by a prince and a prime minister (not that I consider either position overly respectable).

I’ll now turn to the incident on the Paris Metro which has caused a furore in the world’s press. I would like to think that the Chelsea fans weren’t letting the black guy on the train because the carriage was full and they suggested he find another. I would like to think they were pushing him away because he was being a dickhead about it. Please note: 1) I am neither black or Chelsea so I am a neutral observer, and 2) being a dickhead knows no national or racial boundaries – I have seen the bloke interviewed and he seems a right dickhead to me, but that’s just an opinion.

I would also like to think that the song they came out with: “We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it…” etc was sung in irony. As in they weren’t being racist but knew that’s how it would appear and were singing about it in jest – despite this particular jest being not very funny – I understand irony, I’m a football fan.

I would like to think that the above scenario was the true one and not the horrible one described by the foaming at the mouth plastic journalists who covered it with such relish. If I’m wrong, and they really wouldn’t let him on the train because he was black, then I’d just like to say to them thanks lads, you’ve just set back our fight against the discrimination of the football fan by 20 years and made us all look like dickheads!

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  1. You support Liverpool? (Was it Liverpool?)

    Comment by john zande | February 24, 2015 | Reply

    • Now you’re taking the piss! Bloody Liverpool…. (Much gnashing of teeth later) No, Aston Villa mate. Now you see why as a football fan I understand irony. Villa – football? Never the twain.

      Comment by Danny Breslin | February 24, 2015 | Reply

      • Ahhh, so you can just blame the Liverpool heathens then. No problem.

        Comment by john zande | February 24, 2015

      • Hmmmm (grumble grumble)

        Comment by Danny Breslin | February 24, 2015

  2. Danny, yes the black guy getting a hard time was on the news in Aussie too.
    I was not focused on the TV, it is full of negative rubbish, some one else was interested.
    You can believe what ever you want to but the fact is they were the over zealous pricks for pushing him off the train and either being raciest or playing into the medias hands with their stupid song.
    I like watching a good close game of foot ball but it is just a game and nothing to get up tight about.
    Why people get carried away and put so much emotion into a game or the colour of a persons skin is because they are followers or believers not thinkers.
    Sorry, Danny but you can’t win them all.

    Comment by jacksjottings | March 3, 2015 | Reply

    • Having a go at someone over their skin colour is something I have never been able to understand, it is just stupid. Having a go at someone over their team’s colours, now that is different, that I do understand.
      It is more than just a game, football is part of your life. There is nothing else that has brought such joy and piled on such agony. It’s more addictive than smack.
      On the other hand, if they were having a go at him because he’s French… Well, we can all understand that. Just kidding mes amis hehehe.

      Comment by Danny Breslin | March 3, 2015 | Reply

  3. It was all a storm in a tea cup, enjoy the game it is addictive butcertainly better than smack

    Comment by jacksjottings | March 3, 2015 | Reply

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