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No Place for an Honest Man


Jeremy Corbyn must be crazy. He takes on the leadership of the Labour Party and opens himself up to a world of hurt. He has hardly had time to buy himself a new tie (I think it’s his first and only tie) and he is being snapped at by a snarling press pack representing owners in whose interests it definitely is not to have a left wing Prime Minister. Like dogs they circle, snapping at his heels; a sneering curl to their lips, lies on their tongues and fear in their eyes.

David Cameron, who has NEVER said an honest word in public in his life, says that Labour is now a threat to national security, to economic security and your family’s security.  Oh Dave Dave Dave, come on now, let’s take a quick peek at the validity of that statement shall we?

1) The slashing of the numbers of soldiers that we have is surely a bit of a threat to our national security, a point made by the former chief of the general staff General Sir Peter Wall. it was pointed out that the defence budget is there to hand over cash to arms manufacturers not maintain an army, navy and air force. In his opinion we will have the most advanced weapons in the world but with no soldiers to wield them. Corbyn wants to use the money saved from cancelling pointless nukes on having a properly funded army, navy and air force. Dropping out of  US led NATO with their corporate agenda and use the army to protect the weak around the world Instead of bombing their homes and creating more enemies.

2) Economists agree that austerity is not a sound economic policy for the promotion of growth. What growth we have had has been slow and weak and hampered by austerity. Hands up Dave: it’s not an economic policy at all is it? It is an ideological policy. The shifting of wealth ever upwards in a bid to return to the good old days that tories long for when it was toffs living off proles. A return to the “dark satanic mills”. Corbyn wants to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure leading to growth and tax those who can afford to pay (ie tax dodging corporations) to help those that can’t. 

3) The loss of hundreds of thousands of police jobs means that they can’t even respond when you call them. Burglar in the house? Find somewhere to hide, we’ll be round in the morning to take a statement, in the meantime here’s a crime number for your insurance company. There’s always a copper outside your door though Dave so that’s reassuring. Inequality leads to higher crime, wouldn’t it be better if everyone had a slice of the nation’s pie? It wouldn’t stop all criminality but it would drive the numbers down.

Will Corbyn become Prime Minister? Probably not. The Parliamentary Labour Party will stab him in the back. They are terrified that their promised jobs after leaving politics, on the boards of the multi-nationals they’ve done favours for, will be under threat. They’re laced with spineless Blairite New Labour tory-lite toadies. Having a man with conviction in charge must have them squirming under their rocks.

The tories will do the same as they did in the run up to this year’s election – forget spelling out any policies, people aren’t interested in that, they’ll rely on the cult of personality and just ask who they want in no.10? The wonderful Mr Cameron or a commie who will give your home to immigrants and force you to live on the streets and erm…stuff like that.

The right wing media will continue to assassinate his character and tear lumps out of him, misquoting everything he says and, let’s be honest, an indecent proportion of the electorate know only what they read in the newspaper. A paper that they only bought for some “bird wiv ‘er tits out….phwoarrrr!!!”


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  1. I wish him luck. We must all return to some sort of decency in government and the running of our nations.

    Comment by john zande | September 15, 2015 | Reply

    • I know, a politician with principles, who’d have thought it?

      Comment by Danny Breslin | September 15, 2015 | Reply

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