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Modern Liberalism

I thought I’d share this with you my friends; someone sent me this yesterday and it is worth considering in light of recent events. Hit comments and let me know what you think.


“On one hand, liberalism seems good. Equality, justice, social mobility and human dignity. You’d be a crazed fool to NOT like those ideals. But, on the other hand, ‘Liberalism’ rather dramatically lost sight of those very ideals. Liberal privilege is a modern phenomenon; it is vicious, intolerant and arrogant. For the more entrenchedentrenched Liberal ideology became in sordid political wealth and power, the less authentic it became. Right wing politics was all but dead by the late 1990’s early 2000’s and Liberalism was at its zenith. You can hold right wing views, it is possible. But, a lot of people simply did not or those that did had no narrative or cause available to motivate them. But something sly, intolerant and dismissive grew in the liberal political classes, a snobbery an elitist mindset. A mistaken superiority complex, that they were born to govern, indeffinitely. Suddenly ensconced in power, a power the liberal political class/apparatus mistakenly saw as theirs by virtue of moral divinity. Not by the electorate voting, but because liberals knew best, how best to think, how best to vote! They the liberal class, not only became parasitic, they invented the us (all knowing well to do, righteous liberals) v/s them (common voters, plebs, idiots and predominantly of Caucasian ancestry) binary, which was unnecessary, and dooned to faikure. This battle needed not be fought, but drunk on liberal privilege and middle class arrogance they pushed ahead, with each new denunciation further alienating the mass core support. So, by denouncing nationalism, when the population were not especially nationalistic. Denouncing racism and seeing Nazis at every turn, when the population was neither racist or enamoured with Nazism. Liberal intolerance revived right wing thinking. Yet, the population largely ignored these liberal politicians/media luvvies as irrelevant fruit loops; ‘they’re not hurting anyone’ was a standard response, but then liberal rhetoric attacked the average man, women and family; suddenly we were not trying hard enough to be multicultural. But, the vitriole became more abusive, the less the wider population stood up to liberal bullying, the more aggressive liberal entitlement became. You are wrong to have national pride! Mass immigration into your community is not a bad thing, you are a racist. The EU is good, you are bad. This liberal middle class onslaught provoked the masses into self defence and they were pushed to the right, repulsed by the left. You simply can not label an entire nation, bigots and racists because in a legitimate democratic vote they don’t vote how you tell them! But still, the liberal media propaganda machine is dementedly parroting old verbiage. Mainly, ‘the liberal message is right, the voter is wrong’. When liberalism, slid into totalitarian pomposity, it lost that initial hope. When liberalism sought to stifle all dissent with accusations of racist, bigot, Nazi…it cheapened those potent words, it over used them and thus devalued them. Liberalism became an elitist hammer, smashing innocent voters repeatedly for their race, their thought, their historical crimes…they did not possess and were not guilty. Thus it turned the mass electoral consciousness against liberalism, because liberalism oddly rebuked the very majority ballot box voice it fundamentally requires for sustained political power and influence. So, when once the electorate looked to liberalism for guidance, it now rejects it as elitist snobbery. Sadly, absolute power, corrupts absolutely.”


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  1. It is the liberalism of the Bernie Sanders type that galvanized Trump supporters.

    Comment by renxkyoko | November 10, 2016 | Reply

    • Or was it the fact that Clinton is a vile person who would sell her soul for power? Do the people want just another Goldman Sachs stooge in the whitehouse? As I saw it Bernie Sanders was the only decent human being on both sides of the divide.

      Comment by Danny Breslin | November 10, 2016 | Reply

      • That is not true.

        Comment by renxkyoko | November 10, 2016

  2. What’s not true? The fact that Clinton is a Goldman Sachs stooge? Sorry but that’s a fact. Unfortunately a great number of the electorate were so sick of the status quo they elected a maniac rather than an establishment figure.

    Comment by Danny Breslin | November 10, 2016 | Reply

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