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Contribute to a worthy cause

I’ve been searching down the back of  the sofa for spare change, going through the pockets of old coats and going without a meal or two just so I can help pay for the renovation of Buckingham Palace. 

I’ve also cancelled my monthly contribution to various charities. Forget them, this is far worthier a cause than protecting cats, dogs and kids – they’re so ungrateful anyway.

Forget the homeless, they should either get a job or find more creative ways to beg. Forget the elderly, they’ve had their time, now they’re just a burden. Forget the government’s austerity measures that are destroying  the lives of the most vulnerable in society – vulnerability is no excuse!

No, we should all dig deep and pay for any work that the royals need doing. I will be offering to kill myself and donate to them the insurance payout.

Gawd bless em an keep em.



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‘Extreme surveillance’ becomes UK law with barely a whimper

If the establishment is caught breaking the law, they simply change the law. That doesn’t make it right.


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