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The reviews I’ve received for my first book Me & Gus on the Roof of the World have been really positive (so far). I’ve decided to add this testimonials page so anyone new to this blog, who hasn’t read the book yet, can get a taste of what others are saying about it.

Thanks so much to all of you who have posted a review so far, if anyone else would like to do so then please pop along to Amazon or Goodreads and give your opinion. I’ll paste it on to here and put a link to your blog if you’ve got one.

Danny has blown me away with this book

I expected less and got more than I could have wished for. It is a compelling read, a book difficult to put down, from page one he had me with him and Gus.
Now I’ve been busy, too busy to read, yet Danny had me picking up the Kindle every spare moment I had to see what was next going to happen.
A book I can recommend to all that enjoy a bit of adventure, damn right stupidity and even a good laugh at the Author and his antics.
I enjoyed Danny’s style of writing, easy on the eye and easy to understand, yet his descriptions make one feel that you are there with them. Altitude sickness had me feeling bad for him, and yet he survived to tell the tale.
This book somehow ensures that I will never venture on such a tour, yet Danny I think is young enough and probably hard headed enough to try something similar (stupid) again.
Thank you this was one hell of a good read..hope there is another book or two, I’ll look out for them… Rob Ainslie

Enjoyable read

Me & Gus on the Roof of the World by Danny Breslin is a delightful read. Having always wanted to travel to Nepal and Tibet, I was enthralled to read the journey the author had while visiting. What turned into an unexpected adventure with vivid descriptions captured and held my attention. Breslin’s writing is personal, lending a familiarity to the reader that makes one feel as if you know this man–he’s a friend, and you want to hear his story to find out what happens, sometimes at the edge of your seat. Scenes are painted with textures that give real imagination to his adventure; a foul bathroom, a little dog that reminds him of his own, a monk in a cave with a shaved head (who is really a girl), marveling at the architecture, etc. Scenes are scary; the height on a bridge, an encounter in an alley with six strangers, hoards of begging children, and scenes are poignant, the remembrance of Buddha Air Flight 103 carrying the same staff as his own flight. I love the author’s humor and descriptions, especially upon seeing mountain peaks that he describes as, “They stood like Gods.” There’s so much more.  Along with Breslin’s great trip, he captures a good read through his clever intimate way of writing. Thoroughly enjoyed and recommend the read. Paulette Mahurin

Astonishing story, great storytelling

Danny Breslin is a bit of a lad. And he and his buddy Gus decided to go on one of those adventure tours through Nepal and Tibet, and up into China. It was pretty interesting story-telling, about where they went , who they met, and the band of characters who joined them on the tour. But when Danny got altitude sickness, I mean hallucinogenic, paranoia, try-to-run-when-you-can’t-even-stand, almost-dying, altitude sickness, then it gets really interesting. He is lucky to have survived. And we are lucky he decided to tell the story of his experience. Actually we’re lucky he even remembered it! It’s definitely a good read. Alison Armstrong

Simply brilliant

I simply love how this story is told. It was like I was just sat there with Danny himself, a pint each, him telling me about his story of a lifetime.

Right from the start everything just flows. The detail is fantastic, from the Winning Post in Tamworth, Kathmandu, right upto Chengdu – you feel like you are in these places, experiencing the smell, the noise, the culture.

Then as the story progresses, you feel like you’re there with Danny and going through the trials and tribulations he faces.

If you’re into travelling then this is defo for you – then again I’m not, I just enjoy a good read, so if you appreciate a good true story with plenty of humour along the way, this is the book for you. Jamie

A great story, told really well

I like a book that tells a story and tells it well. I’ve got no time for those authors who bamboozle the readers with reams of pseudo-philosophy and dissertations on their version of how the world can be put to rights. My guiding principle, with books, is that I want to be entertained. In “Me and Gus On The Roof Of The World”, Danny Breslin does exactly that. From the very first page, this very interesting and enjoyable book, takes the reader so closely into the world of the author, that you feel almost as if you were an intimate observer of and participant in the adventures laid out before you like an ever unfolding carpet of incident and witty observation.
This is the account of an exotic adventure holiday in the Himalayas which goes drastically wrong. The main part of the book deals with the writer’s experiences, in coping with and recovering from, the effects of altitude sickness. Normally, I would expect a book written by somebody remembering a traumatic and miserable experience, to be a dull and depressing read. The wit and the talent for character observation, which Mr Breslin brings to his account, left me with a feeling that I had just read a really enjoyable and engagingly charming volume. I have no hesitation in recommending it to all and every person, who enjoys reading a cracking great tale. Even people who hate books will love this one. Treat yourself to a copy. You won’t regret it. Christopher Antony Meade

Great yarn!

I like travelogues and I love books that make me laugh out loud. This fits the bill on both counts. K Cameron

A rollercoaster of a read

As first time authors go, Danny Breslin’s book “Me and Gus on the roof of the World” is a real Kindle tapper. Breslin takes us on his travels to Tibet and beyond, on the road less travelled and almost to the brink of disaster.There are laugh out loud moments and armchair gripping ones too as Breslin’s very personal account draws the reader to wonder “what happens next?” Follow his journey as he encounters situations that make him almost wish he hadn’t gone for that pint in Tamworth in the first place.Go on many more journeys Mr Breslin, just don’t ask me to come with you.JGR. J.G. Ryan

Made me laugh, made me cry

Made me late for work because I couldn’t stop reading it!  Danny at the opera was hysterical!  Get it. It’s great!  Hope it’s not his last. T. Budworth

Brilliant, I couldn’t put it down!

I literally couldn’t put this book down. Whenever I had a spare moment, I found myself reading with anticipation to find out what happened next. Me and Gus on the Roof of the World is Danny Breslin’s first person account of a truly unforgettable trip of a lifetime to the Himalayas. Unexpectedly, much of the “unforgettable” “trip of a lifetime” parts of the story come from Danny’s experience with falling seriously ill with altitude sickness and eventually overcoming it.
Firstly, I really enjoyed the story. And wow, what a story it is! Danny takes you right there along with him on his amazing journey, from the initial suggestion of the trip all the way through the planning, the excitement, the nerves, the travel, the arrival, the people, the emotions and the experiences, to the sickness, the delirium, the paranoia, and the hospitals. It really is a remarkable story, and reading it makes you realise how lucky Danny is to be here today to tell it!
Mostly I enjoyed the way Danny told his story. He is such an excellent story-teller that for the best part of the book I honestly felt like we were mates, and he was telling me face to face over a pint and a packet of crisps in the pub. He is also incredibly funny. I lost count of the number of times I chuckled out loud. What was particularly impressive is that Danny’s humour never wavered neither in his story-telling nor evidently during what was clearly a terrifying ordeal. I would truly love to know what the “nagging nurse” made of him!
I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Me and Gus on the Roof of the World for so many reasons and I thoroughly recommend it. This book has a bit of everything; travel, trauma, tenderness, humour (actually it has a lot of humour) all told by a genuine, down-to-earth, all round top bloke. I know that altitude sickness is no light matter, but thank you Danny for sharing your experiences in such a light, entertaining, and refreshing way. Gina4Star

Great Storytelling!

Danny is a great story teller!
I felt like I was sitting on a stool in the pub listening to him tell his story real-time.
He brings everyone to life and creates so clear of a visual you can actually see the adventure unfold.
Though he easily could have died on this adventure, his humor never wavers.  He had me snickering and snorting throughout the book! Denise Hisey

Great read!!!!

Well what can you say, both amusing and touching, written with a vision which almost puts you with the author on his travels, you can almost visualise the scenarios (good job you can’t smell though).
Looking forward to further tales. Pen Name


  1. Hi Danny, got the download on Kindle, a new experience for a hardcopy freak. Read like a man possessed and got bogged down in the desert. Didn’t get to the Himalayas. Neat bit of marketing as I’m now going to acquire the book, hardcopy to complete the journey. Best wishes

    Comment by murphyji | August 15, 2013 | Reply

    • I don’t understand, didn’t the full book download for your kindle? I haven’t had the book printed yet but they’ll be an announcement when that happens. All the best.

      Comment by Danny Breslin | August 15, 2013 | Reply

      • Seemed to be a 50% deal. Enjoyed the read till I hit the sand. Will look out for the rest. Best

        Comment by murphyji | August 15, 2013

  2. Congratulations on getting your first book out. It sounds great, I look forward to reading it!

    Comment by sonya solomonovich | September 10, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks Sonya, I look forward to hearing your opinion.

      Comment by Danny Breslin | September 13, 2013 | Reply

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